Highland Guided Tours

You’ve arrived in Scotland and want to see the sights Scot Taxi service can provide you with a guided tour of Scotland so you get to experience the very best of Scotland, the scenery famous mountains, interesting places and film sets.

Are You Harry potter fan

If you a Harry potter fan then you’re in for a treat, our tours can get you to the location of the film sets used.

Filming for the third Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, took place on location in Glencoe in May and June 2003. You will spot a familiar looking backdrop in the film, and in subsequent Harry Potter films filmed here

Everyone know the Hogwarts Express in the film!

Well you can experience the Hogwarts express for real. Book a ride on this historic train. Real name is the Jacobite stream train, which was filmed for the series each time other attractions Scot Taxi can show you on a tour is Lockness where the mysterious creature has supposedly been seen  in these waters (See if you can spot it)

Mysterious creature has supposedly been seen

Real name is the Jacobite stream train

Book a ride on this historic train

Experience the Hogwarts express for real

Other attractions Scott Taxi can take you on tour are Ben Nevis, Glencoe whisky distillery, Visit the West Highland Museum, housing an excellent local history collection from archaeology to the present day. Discover a nationally important collection telling the turbulent history of the West Highlands, with fascinating objects ranging from Rob Roy’s sporran to treasure from a shipwrecked Spanish Armada. Whatever you wish to see Scot Taxi service can take you on a 1, 2, or  3 days tour or more

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